About Shawn

Realize the LEVEL 1O in YOU!

Hi, I'm Shawn and I invite you to embark your personal journey towards total transformation. On the next page I share the skills outline that I use to coach and support your success with.

This program means the world to Shawn. Intrigued by his intense passion, I wanted to know what sparked the fire behind him.
“I was 38 and had to move back home again after a second divorce and the failure of yet another business – I was lost and scared, you could say I was depressed. I needed to uplevel my life BIG TIME! I had lots of problems in the OUTSIDE WORLD, massive debt, depression, physically fat and I looked about 20 years older because of the stress. But the biggest obstacle was fighting to have my daughters by my side. I was losing them in a court battle. It left me with no choice but to overcome MYSELF, to RISE UP and do what was needed even when I had no money. In the middle of divorce, somehow being unhealthy was my biggest WIN! Why? Because it led me to where I am today,”
- Shawn T. McIntyre