Level 10 Transformation Challenge


  • LEVEL 10 Nutrition Videos
  • LEVEL 10 Weight Training Videos
  • LEVEL 10 Mindset & Psychology Training Videos
  • Weekly Support & Coaching Call
  • LEVEL 10 Work Book


Introducing Shawn T. McIntyre’s Signature Program, The Secrets Of LEVEL 10 Training 2.0 – A Powerful 10 Week Video Training To Finally Help Claim The Body You Deserve:

  • ☑️Why 90% of ALL Health and Fitness Programs Fail and How to Become The 10% That Succeeds
  • ☑️How to combine the 4 elements of peak health (nutrition, resistance training, cardio and recovery) in a fun and exciting way so you never get bored
  • ☑️Learn the most important rule when it comes to creating health that is most often misunderstood…without it you’ll have a limit on your body forever
  • ☑️How to identify and eliminate the things you might be doing that are actually producing “internal” fat, that you probably never even knew
  • ☑️Learn The Specific Strategies to create LEVEL 10 Energy – So you can Rise above any challenge including your own mind
  • ☑️Most people avoid the scale – I will show you how to Grow Your Confidence by measuring progress in15 Key areas so your success is guaranteed and Faster

This program will help you:

  • ☑️Stop avoiding the scale – Most people avoid the scale – NOT because of the number…But because it’s their MAIN Tool to Measure progress… I will show you how to Grow Your Confidence by measuring progress in15 Key areas so your success is guaranteed and Faster
  • ☑️Increase your mindset and inner strength to take on any challenge that stands in the way of reaching your LEVEL 10 potential.
  • ☑️Develop the insight to become crystal clear about what you want, need, and deserve, so you can actually achieve your goals (build your real back bone not just a wish bone)
  • ☑️End anxiety, frustration and anger with others and yourself during the process and build healthier relationships especially with yourself

PLUS, the brand new 2.0 version of the challenge includes…

  • ☑️LEVEL 10 Daily Principles – daily tune ups for your mind to keep you on the tracks of succeed instead of your old patterns
  • ☑️Action-oriented exercises: Knowing what to do isn’t enough to succeed. You must DO what you know and apply it in your life to actually see results. Our new accountability tool is a virtual partner to help answer questions
  • ☑️A specific Meal Plan and Workout plan for 10 weeks based on you specifically so there is NO GUESSING
  • ☑️Personal LEVEL 10 Dash Board for:
    • NUTRITION – Kitchen Video Training
    • WEIGHT TRAINING – Gym & Home Video Training
    • INNER STRENGTH & MINDSET  – Inner Strength & Mindset Video Training with Specific Training exercises
    • PLUS…A LEVEL 10 Workbook and a Live calls for each week of the challenge!!!