The Ultimate Fitness Manual




This Powerful Manual (E-Book) Will Teach & Show The Real Strategies On “HOW” To Create Your True Health & Transform Any Body:

  • We all have a LEVEL10 WITHIN when we align through these 10 principles creating your optimal body and health manifests quickly
  • ☑️The law of congruency inside and how it’s either working for you against you (p.31)
  • ☑️A common mistake that most people make that could be preventing you from achieving the type of body you desire (p.13)
  • ☑️The Mindset word that will help you work smarter instead of harder (if you’re not using this you’re working too hard and earning too little) (p.29)
  • ☑️How to balance your hunger and stop cravings permanently (p.17)
  • ☑️Why you have handle your emotions and start feeling powerfully to grow past your challenges (p.24))
  • ☑️What 90% of the population does that almost guarantees they’ll never be successful on any health or fitness plan they try (p.8)
  • ☑️What you must do right now in your mind to enjoy the process, have confidence, inner peace and true strength (p.40)

Also Included In This Ultimate Manual:

✅ Software for Calculating Your Optimal
•Foods To Eat
•Record And Track Your Weight
✅Templates For Your Meal Prep & Plan